Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Current Campaign


1. Say NO the sale of horse meat for human consumption in Australia:

As most of you know, on the 1st of July a WA butcher was given the green light to sell horse meat in Australia. We are fighting to have this decission over turned.. Why?? For two reasons. Firstly, the way in which horses are killed has proven to be inhumain and violates the animal welfare act. Horses are killed for human consumption in the same way cattle are, however, the horses skull is structured differently with the brain situated further back in the head. So when a Captive bolt hits a horse is it not killed immediatly. The horse is then strung up and bled while its heart is still pumping. This process has been proven to cause extreme pain to the animal and in the USA it violated the humain slaughter act and horse slaughter was banned over there. The process is no different here in Australia and for horses to be killed this way violates everything that we stand for in Australia. Secondly, horses are not farmed for meat and they will be sourcing the stock from Knackery's, however, 90% of horses sent to knackery's are sent there due to illness or injury in which case there past owner would have medicated or treated the animal before using the last resort of sending the horse to become petfood. Therefore, the horses system will be full of drugs and medicated (bute the anti inflammatery never leaves a horses system and is very commonly used in the horse world) they are also full of infection or diseases. People have to remember that knackery's not only kill horses they kill sick and injured cattle and sheep that are not suitable for human consumption. A lady in QLD is currently doing a study to find out why our cats and dogs have an increased rate of cancers and if you saw what types of animals being slaughter make up their pet food you would understand, yet this WA butcher wants to use this meat to sell to humans.... We are flighting this head on and have informed the WA government of the violations this "green light" has created. We have also gone to Canberra and have minister of agriculture on our side.. But we still need help



We are holding a peaceful demonstration on the 10th of October 2010 starting at 10am. Location:

Wellington Street Reserve
Wellington Street
East Perth, Australia

PLEASE BRING ~ yourself and your horse if you can. We are hoping for 100 people and 40 horses at least. We can park our cars and horse floats on the reserve but care must be taken not to damage the ground at all or we will lose our bond.

ALSO, we are trying to raise the money for the bond, its $1000 and once we get it back the money will be donated to a registered PERTH horse rescue organisation. If you can help with a donation, even just $5 please pay via paypal or if you would like to transfer via internet please email Beth and she will give you her email address.

Beth has been the main organiser of this event in Perth WA and I will be flying there a week before the protest.

I would love to see you all there fighting for the lives of our equine friends and being the voice they dont have.

Also for more information on the inhumain captive bolt please read:

(Quote from a horse plant worker,"You move so fast you dont have time to wait till a horse bleeds out, you skin him as he bleeds. Sometimes a horses nose is down in the blood, blowing bubbles, and he suffocates.")

I took this photo inside an Australian Knackery

2. I am supporting the campaign to save the Australian brumbies:

Australia has many thousands of wild brumby horses. Slaughtered from air and ground and left to die; tiny foals perish of starvation without their dams.

This is the shameful attitude of the Australian Government; it is barbaric and cruel and the carnage continues.
The small percentage of horses that are trapped ‘humanely’ are loaded onto trucks and transported to abattoirs. The terror of these wild horses as they face eventual death is horrific.
This is directly due to the failure of our Government to instigate a long term national management policy of control, preservation and protection for the Australian Icon, the Brumby Horse. This is the reality and we ask “Why”
In other nations wild horse sanctuaries and controlled breeding programs are an integral part of Government Policy; here, in Australia such policies are non-existent, bullets are the easy solution.
Save the Brumbies is a candlelight in the immense darkness that engulfs the Australian wild horse, we receive no Government Funding and we rely on a caring and aware public to continue our work. Come with us and share the dream, we ask you, “Why not?”
Patron: Andrew Stoner, M.P. leader National Party NSW ~ Save the Brumbies Inc.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND HELP ~ We are wanting the government to cease bumby culling until proper public investigation and controlling programs are considered and implemented.

It only takes a moment to help make a difference in the lives of so many.... Thank you for your support.

Thank you for taking the time and helping make a real difference ♥

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