Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Its been a really busy weekend and I have re-homed 4 of my beautiful rescue TB'S.

Gabby was with me for 4 months, she arrived on the 20th of May 2010 really skinny, full of worms, covered in ticks and a nasty skin infection and was suffering from nasty bleeding ulcers. In 4 months she has come a very long way. Today 22/09/2010 she left for her new home with Jo Shaw, were she will start her education and her life. I will keep everyone up to date with her progress. Gabby is a very special filly and she will be greatly missed ~ *tears* of saddness to be losing her, but also of joy to see her going to an amazing home. Keep an eye out on the show scene for this amazing horse.

On arrival

She was very sick :-(

4 months later ~ healthy

She will be greatly missed..  ♥

June arrived on the 5th of June ~ I named her after the month she was rescued. She was in poor condition and due to being 22 years old, she did put it on rather slowly. She has been a real character at home, and has brough personality and attitude to my paddocks. She just adores cuddles and ill miss her pushing everyone else out of the road to give me a cuddle. She has been adopted as a companion horse by Kylie who just loves her to bits. June left on Sunday and loaded up like a real lady without a problem. I will miss her so so much 

On arrival

3 months later

3 months later ~ all healthy

Sunday in her new home with her new rug on

The amazing Kylie and her JuneBug...  ♥

Joe was only with me for 4 weeks ~ he was a surrender due to his owner not being able to care for him. I had his teeth, feet and chiro done, temperment assessed him and he was re-homed to the lovely lady who adopted Daisy at the beginning of the year. Massive thanks to Sheree who picked him up on Friday. Carol fell in love with Joe and she cried when he left, tears of saddness and joy. Sheree is keeping him as a pleasure riding horse only and i think he is perfect for that.

Apollo was also only with me for about 4 weeks ~ he was also a surrender and after having his feet and chiro done was adopted out to Toni Brown who is picking him up on Sat. Thank you so much to everyone who has opened their heart and home for one of my amazing rescue horses. 4 beautiful, very happy endings.


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