Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Horse Update

Abbey was rescued in December 2010 when she was left in a massive paddock to starve but a lovely lady called us to come and pick her up, so we did. She was extremely poor and due to her being an aged mare we didn't know whether she would make it, but she did and we haven't looked back. Abbey is one of the most amazing horses we have had in our care. She is dead quite and personality plus and is currently the Queen of SAHA. She is going so well and has found an amazing home. We will update you all with her progress and hopefully we will see her gracing the PC oldies days very soon.

Abbey on arrival

Abbey 2 weeks in care

Abbey now

Enjoying an Equissage Massage

Jet was surrendered on the 30th of Jan 2011 in very poor condition with a few issues. Jet had a large sarciod on his leg and he is suffering from impaired vision in one eye. He is being treated for laminitis and will be off to see Robert Humphries the equine Chiropractor very soon. Jetty Jet is such a good boy and I'm happy with his progress even though it is very slow.

Jet on arrival

Jet a month in care

Jets wedges to help support his feet and help with blood flow

Jetty's wedges are bandaged on

Jetty all warm in his stable

Chyanne is a flood victim that we currently have in care. Her owner was caught up in the floods and sadly so was this beautiful old mare. Chyanne was almost washed away and her owner had to swim her to safety but Chyanne got caught up in a fence cutting her back legs pretty badly. She lost so much weight due to the stress and because her owner lost all of there feed and couldn't get out of their property to buy some more. Chyanne has been in care for about 6 weeks now and her owner has moved into a new home and we are hoping that she can go home to her mum in about 4 weeks time. Chyanne who we have nic named "Donks" is a beautiful old girl, 14hh and between 30 and 35 years old.

Chyanne in the first week

Chyanne now

Marley was surrendered on the 10th of December with the worst hooves I have ever seen. He was so lame that he couldn't walk and on having his xrays done we discovered that he had chronic laminitis and two fractured pedal bones. The vet said we should consider having him put to sleep but there was some blood supply to the hooves and we wanted to at least give him one last chance. We contacted an amazing corrective farrier and we haven't looked back. Marley is almost better, his hooves are almost grown out, his abscess outbreaks are few and far between and his laminitis all but gone. We have him on biotin supplements (retread) and founder guard to be safe but he is going extremely well.

Marley's hoof on arrival

Marley on arrival

Marley's hoof after his first farrier visit

Marley's hoof now ~ Im so happy

Marley now

Whiskey was surrendered on the 12th of May 2010. He was abused and then rescued by an amazing lady who surrendered him to SAHA. We have since found out that poor whiskey had an aggressive carcinoma in his eye and has been treated by the lovely crew and amazing eye specialist at Manly Rd Horse Hospital. Whiskey has had two lots of surgery and three rounds of chemo so far and has been sent home for a break before he goes back in for surgery again. We will keep you posted on how he is going. If you would like to donate some money to help Whiskey please see the "how you can help" section of this website for details. We need all of the help we can get. Thank you. Whiskey is an appaloosa, 15hh and 15 years old.

Whiskey on arrival

Whiskey at Manly Rd Horse Hospital

Whiskey relaxing in the paddock today

June was rescued in June 2010 when she was being sent to slaughter after being used as a broodmare. We got June into perfect health and adopted her out. It was time for her 3 monthly check when We got a phone call saying that the current owners couldn't look after her anymore and wanted to bring her home. She was in shocking condition which broke our hearts. I couldn't believe my eye's when I saw her and broke down crying tears of anger and disappointment. We have since tightened up our application process and will be appointing field officers to monitor our adopted horses more closely. She is currently in care and going really well.

June the day she was adopted into a new home

Three months after she was adopted this is how she came home

One week in care

June currently

Sampy was rescued from the dogger sales in September 2010. He was bought by Rathdowney Knackery and we later bought him off them for a little more than they paid. He was slightly lame which we thought was from a crack in his hoof which went all the way up to the Coronet band but after much treatment and fixing the crack we have discovered the lameness isn't from his hoof at all. We are still trying to find the source of his slight lameness and will keep you all posted. Sampy is a 18 year old SH gelding about 15hh.

Sampy at the Laidley Sales

Sampy's hoof before

Sampy's hoof after

Sampy now

Chester was a surrender only last week. He is about 11.2hh and rising 3 colt but we just gelded him. He is healing nicely and is learning to lunge. Chester is an amazing, smart little pony who is just so willing to please. With time and handling he will make a great little horse for someone to love and train. Chester will stay with us to heal and then will be looking for an amazing forever home.

Chester on arrival

After his first bath

Ryley was surrendered with his mum Mary (who has been re-homed) when they were going to be sent to the dogger due to him having a bent leg. Sadly, Ryley was the second foal that Mary threw with this kind of problem so they put it down to her bad genes. We had surgery on Ryley's leg and he is now going strong. Ryley has also found an amazing home and we will be finalizing his contract this week. What a very happy beginning for this little boy.

Ryley on arrival 7 weeks old

Ryley at 6 months of age and with a leg that is 100%

Midi was surrendered in good health to find a loving new home. She had been rescued but her owner could no longer keep her. She has been looking for a new home but needs someone very special who loves to go fast and hoon around. She is Anglo Arab and even though she doesn't look it, she has lots of Arab in her. She has been used for trail riding and has a few floating issues that needs to be worked through. Midi is 15hh, about 16 years old and just beautiful.

Midi all clean

Me giving Midi big cuddles

Bandit is a beautiful 15hh, 8 year old TB gelding that was surrendered in bad condition on the 28th of December 2010. He has a pretty bad calcified ligament in his back which is caused from his pelvis being out for a very long time. He is only suitable for pleasure riding and he is currently on trial with a very lovely family. Fingers crossed it all works out for him.

Bandit on arrival

Bandit now

Max was surrendered by his owner because he has sarcoids on his nose and she didn't have the money to be able to help him. When we got him home he had all kinds of behaviour issues and we sent him away for training. Max's training is over and he is coming home very soon. Max is a 4 year old first cross QH (TB) Gelding and is 15.3hh. We are hoping to get him home this week.

Max just before going to training

Max during training

Rusty was surrendered on the 28th of Feb 2011 in light condition. He had been rescued and the lady who rescued him surrendered him due to having to many horses. Rusty had gone down with colic while they had him and the vet said he was prone to sand colic. We have been very slow with him and he was showing signs of aggression while handling and rugging so I loaded him onto the float and took him out to see Robert Humphries the chiropractor. Robert said that he was out everywhere and that he was an amazing natured horse to be putting up with such pain for so long. His pelvis was so badly rotated that it was pinching a sciatic nerve causing extreme pain. Robert worked his magic and Rusty was a different horse immediately. On the way to the chiropractor he was almost going down in the float, kicking and scrabbling but on the way home he was soft and hardly moved. It was amazing. Rusty will now rest until the 16th of June which is his next appointment. Rusty is a 17hh, 14 year old TB and just amazing.


Krystal was rescued from the dogger pens in September 2009. She is a 28 year old stock horse mare and has retired with SAHA. She is currently living her days out with a beautiful family who's daughter was having riding lessons on her and who fell in love. The little girls name is Ryley and she loves our beautiful old girl dearly. Krystal and Ryley (the little girl) have an unbreakable bond and I'm pretty sure Krystal will spend the rest of her days by Ryley's side. They both deserve the love they offer each other, its simply amazing.

Krystal Sept 2009

Krystal swimming in her clean rug

Massive thank you to each and every person who has donated time, money or items. We couldn't save anywhere near as many horses as we do without your ongoing love and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for absolutely everything that you do. It all helps more than you actually know. Thank you to Easy-On Rugs, Scenic Rim Lucerne, Yatala Produce, Hope Island Equestrian Centre, Oxenford Produce and many individuals who have put in money and time to help. You honestly have no idea how gratefully I am and the team at SAHA. Thank you from us and Neigh Neigh from the babies.

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