Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Massive Thank you to Vibe Creative

Massive thank you to Sharron Marshell and the amazing people at Vibe Creative who have designed some amazing flyer's, posters and our new logo. These guys are absolutely amazing and there designs are second to none. If you are needing any type of graphic design type work done please support the business that supports the rescue horses. I will post some of their details below:

Vibe Creatives:

:: Graphic Design
We provide an extensive range of print design services, from brochure design through to designs for large banner displays.

It can all start from us designing your professional logo, to designing all your printed collateral. If you already have a brand, that’s not a problem, we can work with your existing design to ensure consistency of your branding throughout all designs we create.

:: Web Design
We create all styles of websites, helping businesses just like yours to grow.

So how do we do this, by working with you we listen to what you require and then using our creative minds and technical knowledge, create a website that you and your clients will just want to keep visiting. You will also want those search engines to visit often to, and because we use up to date methods of coding and website SEO, that’s exactly what they will do.

:: Logo Design
To make your business grow you need a brand, and a logo is a great place to start. Helping your business reach it’s full potential.

We create logos for a range of different business, from small to large, but what is important to us is to talk to you about your business and what kind of image you’re trying to advertise to clients. We’re not about creating a sophisticated logo that looks good in our portfolio but about what makes your business shine above the competition.

So how do we go about creating a logo to suit your business? We use a six step design process to reach our goal. You can find detailed information about our design process on our website

:: Environmental Design
We’re designers who are concerned about the environment and who wish to promote themselves through the use of environmental friendly design and print. If you have a business and would like to have your design work printed on and with environmentally friendly media and inks then we can help you. Vibe Creative is committed to producing high quality, professional design solutions using the most environmentally friendly means available to us. We have designed for environmentally conscious businesses such as the Green Precinct Paddington, Biome, Vitale Naturally, Bliss Ecowear and Nest Nappies.

:: Environmental Printing
We’re always on the lookout to provide environmental ways of printing, without losing the high quality resolution print.
Working closely with environmentally accredited printers, we can offer print solutions like eco-papers, the latest in digital print technology, soya and vegetable based inks. Vibe Creative is committed to producing high quality, professional design solutions using the most environmentally friendly means available to us. We also have access to using The Greenhouse Friendly™ Consumer Logo and various other environmental accredited symbols.

:: Graphic Design
:: Web Design
:: E-Marketing and Social Networking
:: E-Commerce
:: CMS
:: SEO

Website: http://www.vibecreative.net.au/

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