Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Update on Freya

Freya's Story written just after she was rescued:
I first saw Freya at the Gympie Sales on the 20th of Feb 2010. I went there to take photo's for my "say no to the slaughter of horses" facebook group page and was not going to buy a horse due to having enough rescues, however, i fell in love with her and her baby foal. Trying to be strong i left without buying her but on the journey home and for days after i was regretting leaving her there. I was informed that she was purchased by Rathdowney knackery so i called them and offered to buy her. They wanted $400 for her but her foal has already been killed. A few people donated money to save Freya and on the 28th of Feb 2010 at 11am i drove to Rathdowney to pick her up. It was a very long day and she was tired, scared and weak. She wouldn't load onto the float and the two men helping me actually lifted her rear legs and bum and carried her onto the float. She travelled well was very skinny and very weak but an amazing, loving horse that has a very forgiving heart. Even when she was scared as hell, she didn't even try to kick nor did she show any nasty side, just an amazing natured horse... I named her freya after the goddess of love and beauty.

Thank you to Melissa who helped me save her from the knackery on kill day, its something not to many people can do and thank you to everyone who donated money. Freya is alive today because of your kindness...

Freya at the sales with her foal

Me trying to gain her trust at the knackery

Trying to load her on the float.

Freya at time of adoption to her new owner

Update on Freya's Foal who we thought was dead: (posted in March on this web page)
As many of you would remember back on the 20th of Feb 2010 I went to the Gympie sales and fell in love with a beautiful Grey mare and her foal. I wasn't able to stay for the auction due to having a sick horse at home but this mare really played on my mind and i couldn't stop thinking about her. The next day I searched every knackery and dogger trying to find out who bought her and I found her at Rathdowney knackery. She was bought for $90 and was completely unhandled. The knackery owner told me that her little foal had been injured and needed to be killed but she was $400 to rescue.

Myself and the lovely Melissa made the journey out to Rathdowney to rescue her and 7 months later she was re-homed. During her rehabilitation a lovely lady called "Mandy" actually contacted me and told me that she bought the little foal off Rathdowney at the Gympie sales and that he had indeed been rescued, he was about 2 months old.

Well this is an update on how the little foal is doing. Mandy named him Seal and he is now a yearling but he was re-homed to another lovely lady who has re-named him Milo. He was bay, went black and is now greying out. He is happy and very healthy and going so well.

Little foal at the sales

Little foal now

FREYA UPDATE: Its been 8 months since Freya was re-homed and 14 months since she was rescued. She is doing so well and is so very loved by her new mummy. I'm more than happy with Freya's home, she couldn't have found a better home. Massive thank you to everyone involved in her rescue and to her new mummy who loves her so much and gives her everything she needs and wants. Freya is an amazing horse and deserves the perfect home she got. xxxx

If you would like to donate and help save a horse like Freya please make a tax deductible donation to:

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Please use your surname as the reference and if you require a receipt please email your full name and address to saveahorseaustralia@yahoo.com.au

Many Thanks x

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