Monday, May 23, 2011

Oxenford Pony Club Oldies Day

On the 22nd of May the we all went to the Oxenford Pony Club Oldies day. Abbey's first Pony Club Day, Clyde and Bobbie were there. Adonis was going to come but hurt his shoulder the day before.

It was a great day all round, Cindy got third over all in intermediate with Junior, Joanne got third over all in beginners with Bobbie, Carol won ribbons on Abbey and Pete won ribbons on Clyde. I love seeing our rescue horses doing so well in the show ring and at pony club.

This video is Abbey the day she arrived 21st Dec 2010

Below is Abbey now

Clyde ~ another SAHA rescue

Clyde ~ another SAHA rescue

We are so proud of our girl. You would never guess she is 25 years old. Massive thanks to all of our amazing supportors who help to make rescuing horses like Abbey possible. xxx

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