Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vet Update

Whiskey went back to Manly Rd Horse Hospital today for more surgery. I will keep you all posted on how he goes. We will also be posting their account details soon so that people can donated directly onto the account if they wish to help. We can offer tax receipts as well. Massive thank you to eye specialist Pauline Gaven who has given us a 50% discount of our bill because Whiskey is a rescue horse. We are so grateful to Pauline and to Manly rd Horse Hospital. Whiskey still needs more surgery which will see our account go up even more. Our current outstanding amount with Manly Rd Horse Hospital is $6482. I will post more details on how you can help soon.

Massive thanks to everyone who has helped so far, because of your kind donations we were able to save Chicky's life. Chicky had surgery two months ago for the same type of cancer and is now doing really well in a new home. xx

Michael Higgin's is coming to our Gilston Rehab centre tomorrow to biopsy Jack's face. He is also doing 4 of our horses teeth and taking bloods from Jet. I will post an update and let everyone know how they are all doing.

This week Chester is having his final vet check done and next week Ryley is having his done.

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