Friday, November 26, 2010

Garth, Helix and Our New Mini Pony

On September the 3rd we adopted a mini pony "Garth" as a paddock mate for Helix who had his eye removed due to neglect. Helix was struggling with equine depression so we needed a mini pony fast. But Garth is now going back to the rescue that owns him for re-homing and we have another rescue mini in need of some love. Garth was a very timid little pony but with time he has gotten better. The new mini pony is arriving tomorrow and is also very timid and untrusting, but he will come good with love and affection.

Garth on Arrival

The day he arrived in his stable

Garth 3 weeks ago ~ very dirty

Garth 3 weeks ago ~ needing a good bath

The new mini ~ taken today

Helix on arrival

Helix after surgery

Helix now ~ needing a bath also

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