Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Rescue Mare

This mare went through the Woodford sales last weekend and I have bought her from Rathdowney knackery. She is only young with a growth on her eye the poor girl. She is arriving tomorrow and will be assessed by my vet but I’m pretty sure she will need surgery. I will keep everyone posted on her progress. I have been informed by her old owner that she was also running with a stallion and there is a possibility that she is in foal.

She is only young and there are many one eyed ponies who live normal happy lives. ♥♥ Massive thanks to ~ Pricilla (who I knew would cry one day and who did shed a few tears for this mare) ~ the amazing Gold Coast sisters ~ Sydney Horse Transport ~ Louise Cosgrove Equine Vet ~ Michael Higgins Equine Vet and everyone for your support ♥

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