Saturday, November 13, 2010

Massive Thank You ♥

There have been many people who have donated time, money or items to us at S.A.H.A and sometimes we get so busy that it’s hard to call or email everyone individually. I am extremely grateful to each and every person who has helped in one way or another. Please understand that we are extremely busy and just because I haven’t called or emailed you personally that I do not appreciate everything you have done or the items you have sent.

Lately I have had some amazing things donated, rugs, horse gear, donations towards my vet bill ~ and for all of the people that have helped with time to transport horses, cut chaff, make phone calls etc you are all amazing. I don’t know what I would do without your help.
There is no way that I could rescue as many horses as I do without the ongoing love and support from you all and I hope I haven’t offended people by not emailing or calling. I do thank everyone after each horse update and I personally thought that people would read it and know that it was directed at everyone who has helped.
I am ever grateful for your love and support..

Quick Horsey Update 

SAMPSON ~ Is a real character, he HATES getting his hooves muddy... What a laugh!! Sampy's stable opens into his paddock but right at the door it gets a little muddy from the rain and Sampson refuses to walk in the mud or jump over it. His stable door is left open so that he can eat breakfast then go out into the paddock after, but two days of not leaving his stable even when the door was open we figured out why... He refused to walk through the mud.. haha.... All the pulling and pushing didn't help, he just planted!! Even a yummy bucket of feed didn't help.. haha... Princess Sampy boy!!

HOPE ~ Has her nose out of joint because she no longer gets stabled. She is healthy enough not to need it and has the big paddock with Ma all day and night. She did enjoy her little sleeps laying down but she can't get spoilt to much. She already gets away with murder and she knows it.. I don't own this filly, she owns me! ♥

MA ~ Is doing so well, god she is a beautful old soul. I just can't believe someone neglected her so badly.. She has a pure heart made of solid gold.. She is the only horse who can pull the naughty little filly Hope into line..

SULLEY ~ Is a real darling, he has a soft amazing soul as well and will give his all to anyone. He is a little funny with strangers but once he trusts you, he will do anything to please. He loves being groomed and enjoys a rump massage the most.. He likes his neck massaged as well, but mostly his rump... He is a massive puppy dog!

ZENA ~ Has so much energy now.. She is first waiting at the gate for carrots and even galloped around the paddock after being in the stable for the first few days of arriving. Now she neighs all the time to anyone who will pay her attention. Her windsucking sores from the collar have healed up nicely and she has already put some weight on. She has a sweet soul as well and at 13 years old will make an awesome riding horse for someone deserving..

BAMBI ~ Her toe abcsess has healed completely and she is paddocked with Zena. She is an amazing mare as well and at 14 will also make a great riding horse for someone experienced.. She is putting on weight well and her rain scald is healing up nicely...

BENITA ~ has also put on weight well and loves being bossed around by June and Zoria.

ZORIA ~ Is being adopted by Karen. Karen fostered Zoria and fell in love. She rode her and after getting past her naughty ways, she is now riding her bareback down to the neighbours place. Karen has spoilt her rotten and she gets toast for breakfast :-) I'm thinking she may need a diet though, she is getting very round.

JUNE ~ Is still looking for a retirement home. I haven't re-advertised her yet but she is ready to go..

WHISKEY ~ Is having his medication for his eye problem but still no idea if it's going to help.. Fingers crossed it's not cancer.

KRYSTAL ~ Is doing well, she is a dear old soul and Ryley is just spoiling her but she deserves it.. Krystal retired with me and is 27 years old, but Ryley fell in love with her when she was having some lessons, so I let her take Krystal home and she couldn't have found a better place to spend her days... ♥

Naughty Ponies ~ Both got out again and led each other on a naughty rampage.. For some reason silly Helix always goes to Hope.. But he couldn't get into her paddock and kept getting zapped by the electric fence.. Funny enough he kept trying but Garth being the smart one, stood back and watched.. He didn't try once and after watching Helix, Garth took himself back to his paddock... haha Silly ponies! I still can't keep a fly mask on Garth though, Helix pulls them all off him.. They are the hardest to keep in paddocks, but the electric tape used to cover the gap in the fence should do the trick.. ♥

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