Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lake Gregory Brumby's

The Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Kim Hames has approved the mass round up of the Lake Gregory Brumbies, allegedly having them transported to Queensland to be killed for human consumption. I have been informed that even though he has stated that he is going to the Mulan Community to assess the situation, he has already arranged the helicopter and transporter for the job, which is meant to be taking place in Jan/Feb 2011.

The minister said that he needs to clean up the wild horse issue which he quoted as being bigger than “Ben Hur” he was also alleged to have quoted his opinion of Shirley Brown and Steven Yuman who are the Elders on the pastoral lease around Lake Gregory saying “They can’t handle it" and "no good to leave it up to them buggers.” This is lovely coming from the Minister of Indigenous affairs who was appointed in the interests of the Indigenous Western Australia.
We are currently fighting this in Parliament and we have much more information but I cannot post until we have information in writing.
Please support this campaign and voice your opinion to Kim Hames, it only takes a few minutes to send an email. Please keep them professional and to the point. Mass culling and transporting these horses across Australia for slaughter is inhumane and unjust, especially when there are people in Western Australia willing to teach Indigenous people how to train these amazing animals. This approval isn’t the answer.

Kim Hames ~ Indigenous Affairs
Address ~ 28th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower, 197 St Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000
Telephone ~ (08) 92228788
Fax ~(08) 92228799
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Colin Barnett ~ Premier, Minister for State Development
Address ~ 24th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower, 197 St Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000
Telephone ~ (08) 92229888
Fax ~ (08) 93221213
Email ~
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Actual photo of a Brumby at Lake Gregory

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