Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Horsey Update ♥

The vet saw Sally today and it isn't looking good. It's an agressive cancer and the vet fears it may have already spread to her bone. He has taken some samples to send to an eye specialist and we are waiting on the reply. Fingers crossed for Sally, i'm praying that we can save her.

The vet also saw Sampy due to his random lameness that comes and goes. He has shocking hooves from years of neglect and will require shoes to help him. In time his wall will thicken up and we have put him on biotin supplement.

The vet also checked out our little orphan foal who we have named "Caesar", he said that Caesar is healthy and strong which is great news.

We also have 3 new rescue horses arriving ~ a broodmare and 5 week old foal that needs urgent surgery. He has servere carpul valgus and he will need a lateral periosteal strip and medial physeal bridge or screws, this all needs to be done before 6 weeks of age and will cost anywhere between $2000 and $5000. We have the vet booked into look at him and am hoping we can have something sorted out to help him. We will do our very best.
We also have a little mini pony mare who is in foal. She is due on the 16th of Feb but has nasty stifle lock and requires surgery to fix it.

I need to thank Cindy and Pete, Pricilla and Sandy and of course Carol for all of there help with these rescue horses ~ its amazing what we can achieve when we all work together.

I will post some photo's of all rescue horses after the weekend ~ we currently have 19 horses in care and have some ready for adoption but they will be posted in the horses for adoption section after the weekend. ♥

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