Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Horsey Update ♥♥♥

HOPE ~ Wow this little horse has come such a long way, she is princess of the property now, well she thinks she is... She loves her daily groom, loves hooning around the paddock and loves sleeping while laying down in her cosy stable. Her warts are falling off and her coat is shiny.. She feels wonderful and will play all day with who ever will play with her... She is a real little character and gets so jealous when any other horses are getting some attention... Hope is going to make an amazing little horse for someone, she has a heart of gold and so much love to give.

MA ~ has put on weight very well and she just has a little way to go with her coat and she will be temperment assessed.. I have a feeling she will be a great kids horse, but we will have to wait and see. In the afternoon I don't have to lead her to the stable, just open the paddock gate and she runs up and goes into her own stable.. Even though it's right at the back, she knows which is hers and she knows there is dinner waiting inside.. hehe.. It's funny to see. She is so patient with Hope as well and stands around keeping an eye on her, while Hope is running around bucking and rearing... She is the sweetest old soul...

SULLEY ~ Is the man of S.A.H.A, and he LOOOOOOVES his girls. The vet results have confirmed that the lumps on his head are calcified lumps of bone from an old injury and will never go away, but it's not causing him any pain. He is so much happier and isn't grumpy at all anymore. Ulcer treatment and joint treatment worked a treat, however he is still stiff in his hind legs, i'm thinking maybe a stifle problem which i'm having looked at. He is like a massive puppy dog and will follow you around all day for love, cuddles and carrots...

BAMBI ~ Her toe abcsess has healed well and she was let into the big paddock for a run. She will pick up in no time. Bambi is a cronic windsucker so she has a collar on now which will help with her gain weight.

SAMPSON ~ Has come home from Foster care ~ Massive thank you to the beautiful Jazza for looking after him over the last 8 week.. He still needs quite a bit of weight and he got a nice hair cut... Sampy is slightly lame so will have the vet look at him next week.

ZENA ~ Also arrived this week, she seems so sad but oh so sweet. She is also a cronic windsucker and has been put on some ulcer treatment. She is 13 years old and has no spirit left the poor girl... She looks about 30 years old :-(

KRYSTAL ~ is doing really well and has put on quite a bit of weight which is awesome. Its been 6 months since she went down with colic and has finally recovered well. She is still getting random nose bleeds but for a 28 year old horse she is doing well and is healthy.

WHISKEY ~ has come down with a cough and the vet will be seeing him tomorrow. Other than a slight cough he is going well...

JUNE, ZORIA, BENITA ~ are all in foster care with Karen and are all going really well. I went out there to give them all a bath with Karen as she tried on her own and almost lost a finger when Benita had a hissy fit... But when I got there it poured rain and I got drenched and covered in mud so they missed out on a bath and I didn't get any updated photos... I will post some next update...

THE PONIES ~ Helix and Garthy have been running a muck together, Garth has fallen in love with Bambi and Helix is extremely jealous. They are a funny pair of ponies and they both need a good bath!!

MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ~ absolutely everyone who has supported myself and my rescue horses, you are all amazing and I wouldn't be able to do half as much without your ongoing love and support and for that I thank you ♥♥♥

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