Thursday, August 5, 2010


As a horse rescue we also take in surrender horses but sadly sometimes we have a full house and have no more room, having to turn horses away. Here are some horses urgently needing new homes. Please contact the owners direct:

4 year old mini pony stallion, he isnt suitable for kids and needs some work and TLC. 22 year old mare, light in condition but has heaps more meat on her bones than when she arrived. Both horses are FREE to good home and will NOT be given to dealers or doggers. Please call their owner Rachel (07)53332120

This horse has found a new home Thank You
Jake is a 2 year old TB gelding, he was going to be dogged by his training stud due to having broken wind, however, since he has been rescued he has not weezed once. I would say it was due to the dusty stable he spent 23 hours a day in. Jake is a quite boy and would suit anything really, but needs someone experienced to further him. He is OTT and is slightly underweight. He is in Laidley area Brisbane Please call his owner Iain 0421678712
Jake will only be given to the best of home and no dealers or doggers.

25 year old Rescue Horsey needs loving retirement home in Maitland NSW. An adoption contract is attached to this horse. Please contact the owner for details (02)49307701 or 0448497776

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  1. Hi my name is sharna hayles, i think that horses always need to be saved. they have the right to live.