Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rescue Horse of the Week ~ Coco 2010

Each week we will profile a rescue horse from the past with an update on how the horse is going now.. This week we will profile a very special mare ~ COCO 2010

In March 2010 Coco was surrendered to S.A.H.A. Her owner was moving and couldnt take Coco with her. She told me that she got Coco from the RSPCA as a companion horse and that she hadnt been ridden in a while. I asked my good friend Tegan to pick her up for me along with an old STB gelding and after she delivered Coco and drove home, Teg's decided that she wanted to adopt Coco for her young daughter to ride. Coco was a little darling to ride, just a pain to saddle up. 3 weeks ago, and after showing no sign (except a fat belly) of being in foal, Coco gave birth one night to a dear little filly foal.. WHAT A SURPRISE.. Yes, by the big belly she had she did look infoal but the lady who surrendered her said that she had her over 1 year and that she couldnt be in foal so i didnt  scan her. I have had many old broodmares come in with massive bellies and they weren't infoal, so i just put it down to a big broodmare belly. It wasnt until after she foaled that she started to drop milk etc. It was a wonderful surprise and the little foal is now called "Prized Possession" or "Possum" for short.
Coco when she arrived

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