Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rescue Horse of the Week ~Gypsy 1995

Each week we will profile a rescue horse from the past with an update on how the horse is going now. I thought due to this being a new blog i would start with the first ever rescue horse from 1995.

GYPSY ~ This beautiful palomino QH mare was rescued with an appy stallion from the Narrandera sale yards back in 1995. She was my first ever rescue and i was still in high school at the time, having saved all of my money to rescue her and her pen mate who i named Midnight Moonlight. She was in extremely poor condition and being an aged mare it did take her a while to put on weight but she fast became my best friend and i knew then that she would stay forever. Midnight was re-homed to a lovely lady who ended up gelding him and doing pony club. In 1996 i moved to QLD to finish high school and a very good friend looked after Gypsy for me until i could save the money to transport her up. In 1997 I moved Gypsy to the Gold Coast but sadly in 1998 she was stolen from a paddock in Coomera. I searched everywhere for Gypsy and in 2001 i posted an add in the equine search section of Horse Deals. I had a call from a lady who had Gypsy, she bought her from someone in QLD but moved her to Grafton NSW. Sadly she had Gypsy put to sleep only 3 months before i posted the add. It was heartbreaking but this lady promised me that she was loved right up until her last days. Gypsy was my first rescue, she was the most beautiful old soul and she was my best friend. Gypsy cost me $75 back than and she is the main reason why im still rescuing horses today. R.I.P my beautiful mate..

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