Sunday, August 22, 2010


Meet Joe ~ He is our new rescue. Joe is a 16hh 10 year old TB gelding and was surrendered to us due to his owner not being able to look after him. I have been told he was abused by his race trainer and is timid but today he was the perfect gentleman and quite smoochy. He is slighty needing a little weight, and his feet are pretty bad but other than that he seems fine. We will have a vet check him out, and assess his temperment before putting him up for adoption.

My registration to fundraise should be through very soon and we will be holding some fundraising events, both online and in the public ~ these will include events and raffles etc. Please keep an eye on the "how you can help" section of this site for more details. We are also interested in anyone who can donate items for our raffles ~ these can be anything and dont have to be horsey. Gift certificates, vouchers, hand made horse gear, bowbands, anything at all. Thank you so much for all of your support. We are looking forward to expanding and rescuing more horses. Please have a look in the photo gallery at some of the horses we have rescued and rehabilitated in the past 12 months.

We are also registering new names for people interested in becoming a foster carer. You will need to be in SEQ, own or rent your land (no agistment), have some horse experience and be willing to commit to a min of 6 months care. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer please email me you phone number, location, a bit about you and your horse experience and what type of rescue horses you think would best suit you and your family.

Medical update: Grandma ~ the most recent rescue is putting on weight well and is a real little character. She has lots of energy for an old, very poor mare which is just awesome. She has settled in well. Helix ~ The mini pony who lost his eye back in March is being gelded on Tuesday. Hope ~ The little yearling isnt doing so well emotionally, she is depressed.. But we are working on her with aromatheropy oils and she is improving. She has put on weight well. All of the other rescues are doing really well with nothing major to report.... :-)

We are struggling to find little chance a home. He is an aged brumby stallion with no teeth. Everything in the re-homing department is going against him but he is such a beautiful little horse who has never bonded with anyone, i feel sorry for him because he doenst know what love is, but deserves to be loved just like any other horse. His details are in the adoption section, please email or call me if you think you can offer him a forever home.

It looks like little Casper has found a loving new forever home. A massive thank you to Donna Elliot and her beautiful family. Another very happy ending.

Please keep an eye out on the adoption page, i have a lovely 3 year old TB filly who will be ready for adoption soon (about 4ish weeks away). She is 16.1hh, chestnut, broken in but green. She is quite to do anything with but very pushy on the ground. She will need an experienced rider to bring out her best. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks. She should be ready late sept early october. Her photo is below. She came in very skinny and with nasty ulcers but she is healthy now, just needing to lose her fluffy coat which is currently falling out. She will be listed in the adoption section of this site in about 4ish weeks with all of her details as well as before and after photos. Please keep an eye out in that section if you are interested.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing love and support

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