Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Beautiful Rescue Horses

This is my first post on my new blog so i will introduce my current rescue horses and all of there details...

1. Brandy ~ This beautiful 14 year old stock horse mare was a surrender from a farm in Dalby QLD back in October 2009. Brandy came to me with a nasty skin infection and after months of treatment and many tests her skin would not compeletly heal. It was like we were taking 4 steps forward and then 3 steps back. Her skin is now 100 times better but she is stilll breaking out in ringworm looking scabs. The vet couldnt give me any answers and in May this year Brandy had a stable accident which caused a massive head wound, she required 24 stitches and fractured her eye socket. Since then Brandy has a problem with head bobbing, she has also had a few sezuires but the vet cant find anything wrong with her. She isnt in any pain and is happy as a paddock bum but she isnt re-homable so we have decided to retire her in our paddocks..

Krystal ~ This beautiful 26 year old stock horse mare was a surrender in Sept 2009, she was purchased from the burpengary dogger pens and surrendered to me in very poor condition, covered in rain scald and full of worms, the poor old girl didnt even know what a carrot was and now she will hunt you down if she thinks you have one.. Krystal is one of the most amazing old souls and she has also retired with me, however, she is currently living in Brisbane with a 12 year old girl teaching her to ride. Ryley and Krystal are best friends and just adore each other.

Freya ~ I saw this beautiful mare and her stunning colt foal at the Gympie dogger sales on the 20th of Feb 2010. Sadly i had a full house and i didnt stay to bid on her. During the drive home and for days after i couldnt get this beautiful horse out of my head, so i called the local knackery's trying to find out who bought her and if she was still alive. After a day of searching, i found her and made the journey out to the knackery to pick her up. I had been told that her foal had been killed and that it would cost me $400 to rescue her. She was in such poor condition and so scared but dispite being scared out of her mind and seeing all of her pen mates killed before her eyes she didnt show any sign of being nasty, she didnt even lift her leg to kick.
Freya has been with me for 5 months now and she is 100% healthy and looking for a forever home where she will be loved, handled and broken in. She needs someone with a loving yet firm natural horsemanship hand who will work with her and love her forever.. She is 15.2hh and most probably anglo arab.. If i dont find her the perfect home by the end of Sept 2010 she will go to Damian Hotham for breaking and training. She is a loving horse and is just dying to bond with someone. A few months ago i did get a wonderful phone call from a lady named "Mandy Harry" who informed me that she rescued Freya's foal and he is doing really well. She named him Seal. If your interested in giving Freya a forever home please call me 0405053740

Chance ~ This little brumby pony was at the Grafton dogger sales and was bought by a local knackery for $60. A young lady rescued him from the knackery to fix him up and re-home him but sadly some personal issues took over and this young lady surrendered him to me. He is between 20-30 years old, 12hh with not one tooth in his head, but this doesnt stop him from eating. He put on weight really well and is now healthy enough for a new home. Chance is a very timid little pony and to spooky for children as well as being very head shy, but in the 5 weeks that i have had him, he has come out of his shell heaps. He is now easier to catch, loves his grooming sessions and loves feeding time. He is also a full stallion but not interested in the girls at all. I have him paddocked next to 3 TB mares and he isnt interested. He cant be paddocked with geldings tho as he squeels and strikes them. If your interested in this stunning little pony please call me 0405053740

Gabby ~ This little filly was rescued 6 weeks ago from the Burpengary dogger pens. She is 2 years old and when she arrived she was in a really bad why. Gabby was covered in ticks, in poor condition with the worse flaking skin i have ever seen and after 3 days she went down with colic which turned out to be nasty bleeding ulcers. He blood test was pretty bad with massive deficiencies in all vitamins and minerals. I put Gabby on Omaguard and she is 100 times better, she has put on heaps of weight and is now acting like a 2 year old filly not a 30 year old pony. Gabby has also grown to 16.1hh and i think she will be a big girl...

June ~ This old girl was rescued on her way to the knackery (along with 2 other TB mares that i placed in foster care) She is 22 years old and has been with me for 6 weeks. June was in very poor condition and has picked up slowly. She is head mare in my paddocks and feels the need to protect them all for my Appy gelding who is harmless.. But its cute to see... She loves cuddles and grooming but doesnt like to be away from her girls.. She will be looking for a retirement home very soon..

Helix ~ This little pony was a surrender with a badly punchered eye which had been left untreated for weeks. He came to me skinny and timid with trust issues, now he has only 1 eye, loves to be around people and is spoilt rotten. Helix still has a few issues we are working through but he is a real little character. His nick name is "little man" even tho he thinks he is 18hh.. He is a 2-3 year old, 30 inche mini pony colt and will be gelded very soon.

Whiskey ~ there is a very long story that goes with this horse. I bought him from a dodgy horse dealer back in 2000, giving him to a loving lady and her family but she vanished and i lost contact with her and the horse. I often wondered about him and this year i opened an email about a horse in need and almost fell off my chair. His name was different but he looked the same.. I have since tracked him down to having been starved half to death twice, going through the Gympie sales once and the laidley sales once just to end up neglected again. Well he is safe now and he is used as our nanny horse, even tho he gets beaten up heaps, he doesnt mind. He has the softest soul this beautiful horse.

Hope ~ This little lady has just arrived and she is in a really bad way. I paid $100 for her from the Burpengary pens and she is 2 years old, but the size of a weanling. Hope should be 15+hh but she is 12.2hh and the vet seems to think she wont make it past 13-14hh due to extreme starvation. He blood results were a mess and its touch and go to see if she has any major issues once she starts to get some good feed etc into her. The vet has warned me that we may have some kidney issues but we just have to wait and see. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

I also currently have 2 TB mares in foster care. Bambi and Benita came at the same time as June and i placed both of them with a foster carer. Bentia is doing well and putting on weight well but the younger of the two, Bambi isnt putting on weight as well as she should be. I will be bringing her home soon to go on a special diet..

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