Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rescue Horse of the Week ~ Buddy 2009

Each week we will profile a rescue horse from the past with an update on how the horse is going now.. This week we will profile Buddy ~ 12 year old TB gelding

Buddy came to me back in Sept 2009. His old owner called me saying she couldnt keep him and that he had a few problems. He was wormy and skinny but seemed like a real sweet boy. But Buddy had many problems. He hated the bridle and for the life of me i... could never get it on him. When i finally did, riding him was a complete mission. He would plant, walk back, rear up and wouldnt move forward. He wouldnt float and i spent many hour trying and trying. Jades friend Linny was helping me with exercising the rescue horses and one day she bought Jade along. Jade's first ride was on Tommy a little pony I had but he bucked her off.. hehe... he was only 13hh so it wasnt far to fall but Jade just wanted to get right back on....

But there was always some connection she had with Buddy and she was the only person who he would let put a bridle on him.

One day i decided to send him to a trainer but the little turd wouldnt get on the float.. After hours we gave up... But it was meant to be. Jade started doing some work with him and before long she was doing everything. Jade talked her non-horse parents into letting her adopt him and out of all the horses i have adopted out, this story is the most amazing. Its so hard to believe this is the same horse. Anyone that knew buddy when i first got him will understand.

The bond that these two have is truely incredibale, its inspiring and its proof that there is the perfect home out there for every horse, no mater what problems it has....

Here are some photos from Sept 2009 ~ Now...

Jade you have done an amazing job and i am so very impressed and proud of you....

18th Sept ~ the day he arrived

2 weeks after arriving

3 months after arriving ~ just before Jade adopted him

2010 ~ after adoption

Frist Hack Show

Led Class

Learning that the float is safe

Training for the Tambo Jumping day in October

Learning to give kisses

100% pure love and trust ~ No saddle, no bridle, not even a halter!


  1. She has done wonders with that boy.
    You wouldn't even know he was a rescue horse
    Well done Amanda, Jade and linnett!

  2. In tears here!
    Well Jade, buddy found his soul mate, his future and his peace
    You are an inspiration!!

  3. An inspiring story of true love <3 I've got tears :D