Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update on my rescue horses

BRANDY sadly as most of you know, we lost our beautiful Brandy Pants. She suffered a massive seizure and was euthinaised. She is very much missed and we will be leaving her paddock and stable empty for 1 month to greive.

GRANDMA was at the Gympie sales on the 7th of August and was bought by Rathdowney Knackery but with the amazing supoort from you guys, she is now safe in my stables. She arrived last Thursday and today she came galloping from one side of the property to the other to steal all of my carrots and oat treats before i could get to the other horses. She nah's like mad, loves her food and falls asleep while being groomed. She is an amazing old lady and a real character. She did learn how to undo her stable door and i found her all the way in the feed room with her head in a bag of lucerne chaff and nah'ed so quitetly to me when i caught her.. Cheeky girl. She loves her fleece rug and warm stable at night and is currently paddocked alone.

HOPE was in the paddock with MA but Hope was kicking and biting her so we seperated them. Hope is still suffering from depression and today she charged at Ma wanting to bite her while she was being lead. She needs lots of love and affection but isnt responding to well to it. Im going to just let her settle in for a few more weeks before doing anything with her. She doesnt enjoy the stable so is just paddocked.. She is a sweet little thing, just a lot of emotional healing is needed...

CHANCE is pracing around the place like he is 2 years old and has taken a liking to Gabby, who is HIS MARE.. If i take her out of her paddock and chance cant see her from his, he goes mad.. Its funny to watch and when i put Gabby back, she runs over to Chances paddock and bites him hard..

HELIX is still a naughty pony... :-)) He gets into everything, I did lunge him for the first time and he wasnt to keen on it.. He decided that after 2 laps he wanted to lay down and wouldnt get up AT ALL.. Not even for lucerne hay.. He is to smart for his own good and 100% spoilt by Carol..

THE GIRLS ~ JUNE & GABBY who are both rugged at night and paddock during the day have the tinniest bit of rain scald from the pouring rain and FREYA who isnt rugged doesnt have any... Weird!! Bloody TB's!! FREYA for the first time ever will now take carrots out of my hand and will stand there while i stroke her face.. Now thats progress.. She does need her feet done SO badly tho, im looking for a farrier who will spend a bit of time with her first.. So please let me know if you know anyone...

WHISKEY has gone up to Ryley's house to keep KRYSTAL company.. YAY... Happy ponies and all Foster horses are doing well...

CASPER is looking for a forever home.. ♥ Please see "horses for adoption section for photos and details"

ALSO ~ Massive thank you to Jen Gallager for the Aromatheropy work she did with the rescue horses this morning, they loved every minute of it. Jen you are an angel xoxox
Another massive thank you to everyone who helped out with the rescue of Ma ~ it wouldnt have been possible without the efforts of each and everyone of you. A massive thank you to everyone who sent me emails, messages and phone calls of support with the loss of Brandy, thank you to my amazing friend and supporter Jasmine Toth for the most amazing flowers. A massive thank you to Pricilla Ann for your time and spending many hours by the phone in regards to the knackery horses. A massive thank you to Katie and Amanda for transporting Ma... So many people to thank. Thank you to everyone.. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Brandy ~ Euthinaised on the 10th of August 2010 at 1.10pm.

Grandma ~ the day she arrived 12/08/2010

Grandma ~ the day after she arrived




Gabby ~ after a roll in the mud

Gabby ~ trying to eat my camera

Freya ~ Trying to eat my camera


Whiskey ~ on his way to hang out with Krystal

Whiskey and Krystal ~ playing in the swomp

Benita ~ TB mare in foster care

Bambi ~ TB Mare in forster care

Casper ~ Looking for a home, please see adoption section for details

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