Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rescued from Rathdowney Knackery

This beautiful old girl sold through the Gympie sales to Rathdowney Knackery for $50... With the help of many supporters who gave some of their hard earned money and a massive thanks to Katie for picking her up, this beautiful old mare has been saved. :-))

All of my wonderful supporters have even named her "Grandma" or "ma" for short. She is a dear old girl and will be arriving on Thursday.

A massive massive thanks to EVERYONE involved in helping with this rescue, you are all amazing.

At the Gympie Sales 7th August 2010

2 days later at Rathdowney Knackery


  1. She was such a good girl when we picked her up - stood still for her floating boots to be put on, and did not hesitate to follow Bridget straight into the float - she almost ran on (which, in her condition, is not easy!).

    Amanda, Bridget and I very much enjoyed picking her up.

    I can't wait to see her progress into a fat and happy little sailor at SAHA :)

    xoxoxo Katie xoxoxo

  2. some one should help stop a certain horse breeder from breeding foals for the doggers pen @ laidley sales.