Sunday, August 29, 2010

Secret Rescue Mission ~ Complete

The Story of Dolly/Angel/Zoria:

The mare was purchased from the Casino Sales by a local knackery dealer. A dodgy dealer disguised as a horse rescue then posted everywhere that she needed donations to save this mare. It was a big scam. One of my very loyal supports sadly believed this dealer and donated the whole amount. ...Within hours of this mare being so called “rescued” she was on the market as a beginner’s horse for a larger amount of money. This dealer called me saying she needed the mare sold for that larger amount to cover costs, and that the loyal supporter needed to be repaid of her money which was not true. This woman was lying!!Anyway, this dealer couldn’t sell the mare so she returned her to the dogger pen. A week later the mare was with another dealer, only this time they said that the mare belonged to the dogger still and only had a week to be sold otherwise she would be slaughtered. This dealer did however have the mare on her property and she was running with a herd of horses including a stallion. So the advertisements read: Mare owned by dogger must be sold or will be killed. Has one week, but is in season and running with a stallion. This mare could be in foal..... WHO THE HELL DOES THIS??? It’s going to be killed so let’s put her in foal..... Anyway, she was advertised as very quite when in fact she isn’t VERY quite. She was advertised as a beginner’s horse and you guessed it, she isn’t suitable for a beginner. However, this mare wasn’t taken back to the dogger; she was sold to a young family as a beginner’s horse!!!

Ok, now this beginner gets the horse home and finds out she is def. NOT suitable for a beginner. The horse scares her and today she advertised that it will be dogged on Monday if not sold on the weekend. She tried many times to call the dealer she bought the horse off and not once did this lady call her back. The dealer even deleted the owner of the mare off her facebook page. This very dealer also calls herself a horse rescue; however, this is one story and living proof that she is nothing but a dodgy dealer.

Rescuing horses isn’t just about buying them from the slaughter houses; it’s about getting them better, letting them heal their mind, body and soul before finding them the perfect forever home.Today, with the very special help from the secret mission team (you know who you are) we finally rescued this mare. She will now rest with me for a while until she is 100% healthy. I will scan her to see if she is with foal and ill re-home her to a suitable home. We have re-named her Zoria which is a goddess of beauty. She has a new name, a new life and this is the end of a very sad story and the beginning of a new happy chapter in this horse’s life...

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